Friday, 8 July 2011

Open the Door...

The Door is here.

The Door was over there. Now it's here.

I'm drunk, but... I don't feel like just hitting Enter and letting the errors slip through my fingers. I want to go back, fix it, make it "proper". Crossing the i's, and dotting the t's. The Door is here.

It's in my doorframe. I could leave through the front door... but I don't want to. There's a shadow out there. Maybe it's watching me.

Then it can watch me go. It's not moving. I don't care. Everything's alright. Everything's fine. Everything's bright.

Goodbye, friends. I shall open the Door, and I will see you on the other side.


  1. You are between the Devil and the deep blue sea, Concordia. Between the Agony of the Afflicted and the City of Empty Shadows.

    Be careful which one you choose.

  2. Ohgodno

    Don't listen tpohim
    don'tgothrough the door


  3. Looks like you're dead.

    Such a shame. You didn't give me my stuff back.

  4. So he didnt bring his computer like just about everyone else?
    He has to be really drunk.

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